Why learn TAEKWONDO?

As both a sport and martial art, TAEKWONDO is not just an effective form of self-defence, it is also ideal for developing fitness and self-confidence. For children in particular, it develops important social and physical skills and also provides a basis for the development of self-discipline, determination, team-work and respect for others, as well as cultivating a sense of self-esteem.

TAEKWONDO is a fun way to keep fit in a friendly social environment and offers mental as well as physical challenges to keep it interesting. It develops balance, agility, flexibility and a high degree of cardio-vascular fitness.

Because the classes are designed to allow each individual to work at their own pace, TAEKWONDO is suitable for all ages from 6 to 60 and is particularly popular with women as it takes advantage of their sense of balance, flexibility and leg strength.